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Monday, 21 February 2011

Battle of the sweatbands...

Dan Burgess has been donning a sweatband straight from Wimbledon 1981 over the past few weeks, suggesting that I also wear something similar for the big event.

After some delving in my box of 1990's cycling gear that I forgot to throw out, I came across what I was looking for, a luminous green, yellow and pink Assos sweatband that would look better on Jane Fonda's head in one of her fitness videos.

So the challenge has been met. We can both now look as stupid as each other on our training runs.

Last week was tough (ain't they all?), I must have pushed it a little too much in the Tregaron half as my legs were in bits till the end of the week. I brought up the rear on a few of the Tuesday night efforts and even after a rest day, I was 10 minute miling on Thursday.

The calf muscles are not happy and so after Sunday's 15 miler, I booked a massage today and must say that despite the severe pain as the physio dug in, he seems to have freed up a lot of the knots and grizzle that he says has accumulated over the past few weeks. I guess I'll need to go back a few more times to keep the injuries away.

Time to get the grizzle back.

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