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Monday, 7 February 2011

Run-Protein-Bath-Eat-Sleep-Work --- repeat

Am now entering week three of 'proper' training, albeit delayed thanks to the ankle slip.

I still have eight more hard weeks ahead, followed by a two week taper. I'm gonna have a proper taper as it seems I need to take it easy for this amount of time to ensure I get the 'Mark Smith' bouncy-springy leg feeling back. At the moment the legs are in a perminent state of sluggishness, a state I guess which is normal for people who run every day, maybe until you get to a certain level of condition where a four mile run feels as easy as walking up one flight of stairs....

Last week was a good one though, only one session missed, thanks entirley to Arriva trains (who else!). Thursdays marathon pace run was again a half wheeling Burgess episode, although I was able to converse this time a little better. I'm sure he is beginning to think I am anti-social at times! Fact is, i am the epitomy of the theory that men can only do one thing at a time. Actually I can both run and talk up to a certain level of effort, after which it's just run and try to avoid collapsing into a broken heap.

We welcomed Ian Evans to our Sunday 12 miler, and again went out to Wallog and back then added the Aber 10k on for good measure. It's not even half marathon distance, but it was the longest run so far. We have Tregaron this Sunday and will then ramp up from there. Again the notorious steps from the Clarach side of Consti were my undoing, but apart from that the run was pleasant save the last mile when Dan announced that a sprint finish would be 'fun'. Despite not really taking part, the effort of not trying to lose too much ground to the other two was enough to tip my legs over the edge and so it was straight into the bath whilst downing a pint of protein, followed by an afternoon nap!

Hopefully by the end of week eight, running 15 miles will seem like a walk in the park, but I very much doubt it!

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