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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Super Kev!

Last weeks massage did the trick. I can now run fairly normally, as in not 'like a geriatric'. Dan may disagree, but in all honesty I've been feeling alot better over the past few days. Kevin the physio's mastery at his Pain Factory certainly seems to be working!

I smashed out a speed session on the hotel treadmill in Milton Keynes last Tuesday then some enforced rest due to work & travel meant I had to put in a heavy weekend to make sure the week wasn't a complete washout. Saturday's 8 miler brushed away the cobwebs and Sunday's long Llanilar run was difficult for altogether different reasons.

Being that the previous day/night was Mr Burgess' 21st birthday AND Wales v Italy...both of us were a tad worse for wear and totally under motivated at 10am on Sunday morning. This was thanks in part to Dan's birthday celebrations at the Farmers in Llanfihangel where the wine did flow, especially as it was on the back of an afternoon at the Castle Hotel watching Wales hold out in Rome against a tough Italian team.

Another discovery this week - SiS Rego Nocte. Although it sounds like a fuelling system for NASCAR, it is a nightime recovery drink designed to aid recovery by improving sleep and restore all the usual protein, vitamin & minerals. I haven't bothered with too much sports nutrition so far, just a bit of protein after long runs and the odd gel during, but I woke up this morning feeling much better than usual. No hobbling off to brush my teeth, i walked normally for the first time in weeks, and the spring in my step is returning!

So far so good, and so I'll keep using this stuff for as Mark Cavendish says - 'Marginal Gains'!

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