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Monday, 28 March 2011

Heads, Shoulders Knees & Toes, Knees & Toes.......

A tough week post Rhayader 20. I expected everything to ache a bit so wasn't surprised when my body stubbornly refused to function at the start of every run last week.

To be honest, after a couple of miles, everything loosened up and I was back to almost normal again, until getting home, when within minutes of resting, everything would sieze up once again. Must stretch more!

I've taken lots of advice from various runners this week and have decided to taper early. I know from previous that I can perform when a tad over rested, but will have no chance if overtrained, and I am on my knees at the mo. So maybe one more fairly long run now, in these last three weeks mixed in with much shorter outings to get the spring back in my legs by London.

Back to the week gone by, the main plus has been the weather. Running around Aberystwyth these past few evenings has been a joy. It all came to a head on friday night, which caused both myself and Dan Burgess to ponder what on earth we are doing. The sun was out, students were on the beach and in gardens having BBQ's and beer as we ran past house after house of people relaxing. I'd had a bad night of stomach problems and hadn't been able to eat all day and was dying on my legs. Dan was mumbling under his breath about where he would rather be (anywhere but running) and we both ended up walking up Consti, but luckliy made it over the top without turning left ;-)

I've found out I'm allergic to the chocolate recovery drink that I take and so I'm gonna have to ebay the lot and buy a different flavour! Thats right, I've been off chocolate since December and even the powdered flavouring is now out. I'm clinging onto the hope that I can sneak chocolate sprinkles past without my stomach noticing...? Here's hoping.

Dan's trainiers now resemble a prop from Spartacus but he is stubbornly refusing to swap them this close to the big day.  My insoles are at least two years old with bits falling off them, but I'm keeping the faith! No blisters are good blisters.

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