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Monday, 4 April 2011

2 weeks to go

It's the start of the official taper period now, although actually I started tapering last week due to an extreme post Rhayader / boredom / worn out knees comedown which resulted in only 18 miles last week!!

Time to pick it up a bit this week and try to get out every day for at least a few miles, but nowt too crazy.

The Cambrian News got wind of Aber AC's marathoners and photos were taken of the four ladies, plus myself and Dan at last weeks training session. The shoot lasted as long as the training session and was a lesson in stamina itself. Suffice to say the headbands were in full view although come race day, if its a hot one down there, we'll have to have a re-think. Maybe we'll get someone to hand them to us with a mile to go for the money shot. Whether we'll have the strength to put them on is another matter.

Donations have been coming in well on my Just Giving site (, and I've raised close to £750 so far which is much more than I anticipated. Dan has now got his site up - and I beleive it's
He's raising for Beacon of Hope.

My vanilla flavoured 'Nocte' nightime recovery super drink has arrived to replace the Crohns inducing chocolate flavour, and I'm already feeling the benefits. My workmates say that Nocte is rumoured to be the cure for all man-flu like illneses and possibly far worse conditions. I'll reserve judgment for a while but it's doing the trick by getting me out of bed in the mornings despite my severe & prolongued jet-lag symptoms due to the change to British summer time last week.....

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