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Monday, 17 January 2011

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? %^$&" it's Dai James!!!

Well, its good news all round, (i think), and the training shall commence this week after my ten minute trial on Friday evening.

Despite the odd moment of searing pain when my ankle is pressed in some unnatural position whilst lying on the sofa(!), it has gained strength over the past week. The physio instructed various exercises of which many I've forgotten but luckily I've remembered enough to carry out a pre-bedtime ritual each night. He told me that once I can hop, I can try a run and so after a glorious yet painful looking leap last Wednesday night, I past myself fit enough to try a jog on the tenth day since the physio's words.

So strapping myself up with tape and a compression sock, I donned the dusty Asics trainers and scooted down the road and onto a small circuit comprising of Myn y Ddol, San Bruiec bridge, cycle path & return. So far so good and there was no sign of a limp.

As I stared into the distance along the straight section of cycle path I could see a swarm of runners coming towards me. 'Jeez they look fast' I thought. 'It must be the elite crew from up top' was another muse, bearing in mind that I use glasses when driving and watching the TV. Just as the group were about hit me, I recognised the main protagonist as one Dai James, followed closely by all the usual suspects - Bash, Dai Rob, John etc. There was a quick exchange of greetings but something wasn't right...they were running efficiently and not chatting about the football, that's right, there was no sign of Adriano!

So no more than five minutes into my first run for a while and I see the AC crowd on full steam ahead mode. I didn't turn around to join them, I just trotted around the course and back to the house, seeing them again at Myn y Ddol, so I guess they were doing some circular efforts or were maybe doing a reccy of the 10k course.

Result - minimal pain, no extra swelling.......same again Monday night then!

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