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Monday, 10 January 2011

Still in the pits

Three weeks after the ankle 'crack', I'm still sitting on the sidelines looking on bitter & twisted as the evening trainers run past the house in prep for the Aber 10k.

After a second visit to the physio, it looks like I have damaged this - Posterior Tibial Tendon, plus some minor ligament damage. Worst case scenario is that it is completely snapped, which will result in the loss of my arch in said foot and a long time out, the best case is that it will continue to heal and i will be able to run in about 10 days time.

It will come to the cruch soon as to whether to carry on with this marathon idea this year or defer til 2012. I don't want to delay it, and will be quite happy just to do this years edition and forget abot timings, maybe doing a second marathon later in the year, but I will need at least 10 weeks of prep, which gives me only 3 more to heal.

I can now stand on tiptoe and i walk without a limp, but running is a different ball game and my calf muscle has reduced in size a little.

On the plus side, cycling doesn't hurt! This means I have been exercising on the turbo trainer and with the Ystwyth CC I've also kept the weight down. I managed not to put any weight on over Christmas which was tough on discipline but will hopefully speed up my return to running form when I start. Hopefully I will be able to try a run this Friday as this would be 10 days after the physio's 10 day curfew.

Good luck to all Aber AC guys & girls this Sunday for the 10k. I'll be marshalling somewhere out on course and cheering you all on :-)

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  1. Cheers Shelley! It will get better! Positive Mental Attitude!