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Monday, 24 January 2011

R.I.C.E.S (Strapping!)

One week in to my return to training and the legs feel...tired!

I started the week with a couple of 40 minute runs which didn't feel too bad, the ankle holding up quite well. I still can't turn left, just like Derek Zoolander, (or was that right?) but straight line running on smooth pavements is ok. The ligaments at the outside top of the foot are the main concern now. They didn't kick up much of a stink at the time of the injury, but they have now decided to join in the fun!

So the 'injury sweetcorn' (nee peas) are still in use but I'm hopeful that everything will hold up to the punishment that I am about to dish out to myself. My programme proper starts today with a lunchtime 5 miler with Mr Burgess. Yesterdays long one was cut at 8 miles when I couldnt really do much more, so much so that I spent the evening in a motionless state on the sofa, so there is alot of endurence work ahead. If only marathons were five miles long!

I've managed to find a corker of a hotel for the event, not that I'd usually describe a Travellodge in this way, but it's the location, by the London City Airport which is the point. It's a stonesthrow from the ExCel registration hall and not too far from Greenwich, I may even make the start on time at this rate!

One last point, Its time to buy my trainers that wil take me through to the race. My current Asics shoes are a year old, and even with my lack of mileage this last year, they are now overdue for a change. What to buy? I've always gone for the same Ascis every year the 2150 (or whatever thay are called). Any recommendantions for a lighter faster trainer? I'm probably going to go for the same agaim so as to avoid any potential niggles over the next few weeks to be honest.

Time to meet Dan for that run!

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